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      Choose Your Favorites from Our Creative Metal Garden Sculptures

      For good reason, garden statues have been popular across the world for many centuries. One expert explained “By the early seventeenth century, the ornamentation of gardens with statuary was being used to create a direct link between the house and garden in the United States. The garden no longer stood as a separate, individual work of art, but complemented and related aesthetically to the house.” If you’re looking for metal garden sculptures to enhance your outdoor space, look no further than Desert Steel for our unique designs.

      These Pieces Are Addictive

      Warning, it’s hard to stop at just one piece of these quality metal garden sculptures! Many customers purchase one or two pieces to begin, then love them so much that they are soon choosing more. One customer who “planted” a saw tooth agave sculpture in a large concrete pot for her entryway effused “My husband wants to replace all our plants with steel sculptures!” In many cases, beautiful symmetry is achieved with matching pieces on either side of a doorway or steps to a deck or patio.

      No Water Required—extraordinary Succulent Choices Abound

      Even though succulents are drought-friendly and thrive with little care, they don’t last throughout the winter in areas with freezing weather. Desert Steel’s collection of lifelike succulents will grace your landscape every day of the year, no matter the climate. Photographs don’t do them justice—they are truly works of art that blend artfully into your hardscaping or garden. Our designs include a spiral aloe, blue rose succulent, topsy-turvy succulent, ruby rose succulent, Americana, artichoke, sharkskin saw tooth and octopus agaves, yucca, and a beautiful blue agave torch.

      Speaking of succulents, custom planters are also available for them that fit each piece perfectly and show them off to their best advantage. These steel planters are pieces of art in their own right, and include a shallow tray that holds soil, mulch or rocks that serves to attach the sculpture to the pot. One customer purchased decorative fire glass reflective “rocks” that are sold for use in outdoor fireplaces and come in several vibrant translucent colors. The reflective glass chunks are highly polished on one side to give them a mirror-like finish. Paired with a metal garden sculpture, it creates a majestic look sure to be a conversation starter. 

      Many planters are available in several powder coated colors made from 18 gauge steel that never rusts. Another option is a weathered/rusted material made from 22 gauge steel that never corrodes. Popular color choices include corton steel, pewter, graphite, and copper rock.

      The unique Joshua tree

      While not as well-known as the classic saguaro cactus or palm tree, the Joshua tree is a unique choice for a garden sculpture. In fact, they technically aren’t trees at all, but plants that grow to resemble trees. Like the saguaro, the natural versions only grow in the Mojave Desert, but you can own a steel one no matter where you live. The legend behind the name refers to the tree’s similarity to Joshua raising his hands up to God in praise. In nature, they grow only two to three inches each year, taking over fifty years to reach their full height. The average lifespan of a Joshua tree is around five hundred years. The metal garden sculpture versions come in one, two and three stalk versions and are sure to be a meaningful and spiritual highlight of any yard.

      Why Steel?

      Steel is the best known alloy of iron, which is the most abundant element on earth. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor metal sculptures, due to its stability, durability and weight. It begins with a piece of sheet metal that comes in a wide range of grades, textures, colors and thicknesses-- all of which are considered by the artist creating the sculpture. 
      With the right skills and expertise, Desert Steel’s artists transform sheet metal into high-quality artwork. They select the correct thickness and finish for their project. These pieces can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be exposed to the elements without causing damage to the art. The type of material, grit, direction, power, and intensity of the grinding will all influence the appearance on the sheet metal.

      When sheet metal is thin enough, it can be bent it into almost any shape. Artisans use tools and specialized machines to make bends, curls, loops, waves and twists. Skilled and experienced artists can color sheet metal art that makes a bold statement and will withstand the test of time. Steel can actually be torched at high temperatures to bring out beautiful, muted colors. A variety of colors can emerge, depending on the duration of the heat application and the patterns used to torch the metal.

      Choose Our Metal Garden Sculptures For a Year-round Focal Point

      A garden statue or metal sculpture make a perfect focal point when positioned correctly. The job of a good focal point is to draw the eye to certain parts of the garden as well as break up the monotony of the planting to create additional interest. They are also important during the winter months when the plants are not flowering. Choosing statues and sculptures is a very personal thing--it’s really your own personal taste to select what appeals most to you and fits within your landscaping or entryway. Where you choose to place your statue comes down to the design and layout of the garden. A well-designed garden will utilize the space well, and the shapes of the lawn and patio areas will draw the eye to create interest.

      Among the bestsellers from Desert Steel are our décor items. These are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and feature such stunning designs as a prickly pear mantel sculpture and wreath. A highlight of our collection is the Blue Atlas Cedar, featuring their signature patina finish that looks beautiful during the holidays and beyond.

      At Desert Steel, our mission is to bring joy and smiles to our clients, employees and their families through creative pieces of art and fulfilling work. For homeowners wishing to enhance the beauty of their homes and yards, there is simply no better place to look for inspired, inimitable, metal garden sculptures.