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      Select Desert Steel Garden Statues to Enhance Your Home

      There’s something special about gardens. They serve many purposes, from providing food grown from the soil, to flowers providing life giving nutrients to bees, to landscape gardens featuring beautiful rock formations with evergreens. No matter what type, all gardens provide us with a feeling of serenity while communing with nature. Many homeowners want to enhance the beauty of their gardens with statues.

      Did you ever want to personalize your garden? As a natural extension of your home, adding garden statues to your outside spaces allows you to show off your creative side. Choosing a unique garden critter will bring smiles to all who see him (or her!) It’s fun just to browse through the pictures and descriptions on www.DesertSteel.net. “Loyal, always willing to take the night shift” describes Owen the Owl, who looks like he’s wondering “whoooo” might make him the centerpiece of their garden. Luis the Lizard has a lighthearted outlook and is rumored to be the “Life of the party.”  Belinda the Bee is said to “bee” a bit of a busybody, but she is beautiful (and a bit bashful.) Henry the Hawk is “protective and charming” but he also appears to be a touch humorless. Julio the Javelina is “rambunctious” and seems somewhat jaded. Jesse Jack Rabbit is “laid back with some pep in his step” and indeed looks jumpy!

      Terrific Torches Add Thrilling Outdoor Ambiance

      At night, flames add light and energy to your outdoor spaces. Desert Steel’s torches light up your landscape at night while looking fabulous during daylight hours too. They are rustproof and each has a refillable torch canister for citronella or standard lamp oil. Burn time for torches is four to six hours. Desert Steel’s torch designs include poppies, agaves, dahlias, daisies, sunflowers, saguaro (available in five or six and a half feet heights) and barrel cactus, and ginger. The saguaro cactus torches are an outstanding addition to any hardscape, and features three flames, one on the tip of each stalk. The barrel cactus torches come in two sizes also, small and large.

      Desert Steel’s website has a great video featuring the story behind our Asher palm tree torches. Eric Carroll’s four-year-old son made a special request—he wanted to collaborate with his Dad on a new design of “a palm tree with fireworks shooting out the top!” With that inspiration, we created a compromise—an Asher palm tree with an integrated torch. What started as a single sculpture has become one of our most popular designs, and hopefully the little guy’s college fund has prospered as well.

      Solar light designs include coneflowers, poppies, daisies, and have a runtime of up to ten hours. They are also rustproof, with LED lights on the top and bottom. Because they don’t require any electricity or wiring, they can be placed anywhere you want ambient light.

      Metal garden art makes a perfect gift for friends and family of all ages. Grandparents especially enjoy a gift they can enjoy year round and don’t have to water! You don’t need to wait for a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas—a steel garden statue, bird feeder or torch would be a welcome gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or even just “thinking of you!” One family has begun memorializing the passing of their loved ones by “planting” a Joshua tree from Desert Steel in their honor. It has become a family tradition and provides them with a sense of peace when looking at them.

      World-class Sculpture Gardens

      Many famous museums boast world-class sculpture gardens. In Kansas City Missouri, the Nelson-Atkins Museum is home to The Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park, with nearly seventy renowned works by Henry Moore and featuring four iconic giant shuttlecocks. Visitors enjoy strolling around the grounds to appreciate the fine art and nature at the same time. Just imagine enjoying the same feeling at your own home and garden with your garden statues. Top landscape designers believe they add a unique and lasting component that can beautify any home or patio. In addition to garden statues, Desert Steel creates beautiful unique pieces for décor that can be used indoors or outdoors. Our popular pineapple luminary holds a candle and is covered with openings that let the light escape--it makes a gorgeous centerpiece for a dining table or on a mantle. 

      The Iconic Saguaro

       While it was the initial design for Desert Steel, there are many fascinating facts about this particular plant. And many more reasons to invest in a metal version! Natural saguaros only grow in the Sonoran Desert and can weigh up to ten tons. They grow only an inch and a half tall in their first ten years, then they grow about a foot every additional ten years. Their branches are referred to as “arms” and not every saguaro grows arms. When they do, arms don’t start growing until they are between forty and eighty years of age. The saguaro’s scientific name is “Carnegiea gigantea,” for Andrew Carnegie. He established a lab for the study of native flora in Tucson Arizona. If a saguaro is dug up and replanted facing in another direction, it will suffer from sunburn. Your metal saguaro is sure to be a conversation starter, and now you have some facts to impress them too!

       From a Humble Start, Hard Work Pays Off

      What started from a single saguaro cactus design created out of steel and sold at an art fair booth, Desert Steel was born. Our founders believe that “Work is a gift (Genesis 2:15) and a command” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). We expect to give our best in each situation, nothing more, nothing less. Our founders soon realized their symbiotic relationship could form a unique company and create pieces of art that could bring joy to everyone in their homes and yards for years to come.