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      Steel Sculptures’ Beauty & Longevity Offer Exceptional Value

      Is It Real, or is it Steel? 

       Your new saguaro cactus, palm tree or other steel sculpture will blend into your natural landscape so well, neighbors and friends will all want to get close enough to touch it to be sure it’s not real.  Steel sculptures are just that—true pieces of art created out of steel, using specialized tools and precision cutters and welding torches. And at Desert Steel, you will find many options to choose from, all the way from gigantic cacti and Joshua trees to adorable little “Belinda Bee” garden critters.

      Art to Appreciate

       Not everyone has the funds, interest, or even room to invest in fine art paintings to hang in their homes.  It is difficult for a beginning collector to gain the knowledge required to purchase a piece that will appreciate in value over the years and also match the décor style of their interior design.  And often, what appeals to a husband may not have the same allure to his wife.  In fact, many “discussions” have been conducted by couples regarding the placement of professionally mounted deer antlers or other wildlife paintings and taxidermy.  An option to consider is one you will not regret:  a steel art sculpture for your garden or patio. 

      With classic steel sculptures, homeowners may enjoy and appreciate their art collections each day as they work in their gardens or relax around a pool.  They blend into the natural landscape and provide unique and beautiful pieces that add to the serenity of the locale.  Whether large or small, they make great investments that will add to the beauty of your existing yard.  Many of the Desert Steel pieces are purchased as gifts for loved ones to enhance their homes and remind them of the gift giver.  You can just imagine a child’s smiling face while running out to visit “their” special critter in Grandma’s rock garden they gave her for Mother’s Day. And years down the road, imagine that same child lovingly placing that same critter in her own garden as a special remembrance of her loved one. 

      An Investment For a Lifetime

       At Desert Steel, we stand behind our materials and craftsmanship with a guarantee against defects for as long as you own your artwork.  Just like the mailman, our products will withstand rain, snow, sleet and sun. 

      Do not be fooled by mass-produced, low-quality pieces that are sold as “yard art” at the neighborhood big box store.  Many customers have spent their hard-earned dollars on decorative items that simply degrade quickly over time and are discarded after the first year.  And while heavy, concrete pieces vary in their durability also, due to the environment, design, and mixture used.  Cold weather in particular is extremely harsh on ornamental concrete, causing it to deteriorate or crack.  Concrete fountains and statuary must be sealed every year and ideally brought inside or at least fully covered each winter for protection. 

      Made by Hand With Love

       Each one of us has God-given gifts and talents, and it is our duty to use them to the best of our abilities.  Desert Steel is dedicated to creating exceptional, unique and long-lasting pieces of art for enjoyment now and for future generations to cherish.  Each piece is painstakingly designed  to mimic its natural counterpart—for example, our artist-crafted tropical palm trees are made of steel the color of the natural bark up through the trunk, then topped with the classic feathered leaf fronds in muted dusty greens. 

      Working with Metal

       The artists who create exclusive sculptures out of steel require not only an artist’s eye for the result, but need fine coordination to make the precise cuts and bends in small pieces of metal.  They also need mechanical skills to use many of the specialized tools required to fabricate their art.   Each piece starts with a sheet of metal, then is cut and curved into shape.  In some cases, a mandrel (or triblet) is used to form curves in the steel, and special heavy-duty tweezers and pliers are used to customize each component by hand.  The pieces are then welded or riveted together to form the desired shape. 

      Desert Steel Sculptures - You'll Want More Than One!

       Drive through many upscale neighborhoods, and you’ll see many of the same decor in the yard.  While wanting to beautify their landscapes, many homeowners simply don’t know where to go. They head to their local garden center or big box store and pick up what everyone else has.  If you’re searching for unique, timeless, handcrafted steel sculpture designs you won’t find anywhere else, check out the amazing photo galleries on www.DesertSteel.net.  As most reviewers note, the pictures simply do not do them justice.  Some customers go so far as to name their sculptures, cover them with twinkly lights and decorate them for each season!  Many complement their sculptures with uplighting to enhance the dramatic effect at night. 

      One of Desert Steel’s core values is creativity, backed up by our strong belief that “Made in His image, we were created to create, construct and build,” from Genesis 1:27. We have put this value to work in our business every day to bring joy to our customers through the creation of our distinctive steel sculptures. Creativity and dedication show in every single piece, and will add years of enjoyment to your home.