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Desert Steel Product Archive: Bird Feeders

Desert Steel is committed to continuous improvement and development. This commitment involves introducing new and enhanced products while retiring items that fall short of our quality standards. Although our Bird Feeders brought lots of joy, they did not meet our quality promise standard, leading us to archive them last year.

Our Bird Feeders included:

The Ballerina Fuchsia Hanging Bird Feeder- This hanging bird feeder decorated any tree it was placed in. Ballerina Fuchsia Hanging Bird Feeder

The Cherry Blossom Hanging Bird Feeder- mimicking the beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom, our feeder was a favorite of many.

Cherry Blossom Hanging Bird Feeder

The Coral Sunset Peony Hanging Bird Feeder- This bird feeder had rough edges to mimic the ruffles of a peony. Coral Sunset Peony Hanging Bird Feeder

The Crab Apple Hanging Bird Feeder- The small, pink feeder appeared to gently scoop up any bird who came by for a treat.

Crab Apple Hanging Bird Feeder

The Magnolia Hanging Bird Feeder- The majestic magnolia tree was our source of inspiration for this feeder, with its white petals, the feeder blended in to any garden.

Magnolia Hanging Bird Feeder

The Mystic Merlin Hanging Bird Feeder- The soft blue of the Merlin was the perfect color to contrast the vibrancy of the birds who would land for a quick snack.

Mystic Merlin Hanging Bird Feeder

The Tulip Hanging Bird Feeder- The bold green feeder was the perfect hangout spot for birds of all sorts.

Tulip Hanging Bird Feeder

The Blueberry Pie Bird Feeder- The blue version of our Coneflower, the Blueberry Pie Bird Feeder was a fan favorite.

Blueberry Pie Bird feeder

Coneflower Feeder- Our coneflower feeder was very popular due to its vibrant pink color and resemblance to its matching solar light.

Coneflower Bird Feeder

Heliconia Bird Feeder- Our multileveled bird feeder came in a vibrant red color that attracted many birds to itself.

The Peony Bird Feeder- The ruffled petals of the Pink and Purple Peony were beautiful.

Peony Bird Feeder

Sunflower Feeder- The sunflower feeder is the perfect feeder for us, being from the sunflower state.

Sunflower Bird Feeder


Halee Carroll

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