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Desert Steel Product Archive: Solar Lights

Desert Steel is always looking to grow and better ourselves, and with that comes adding new and improved products and archiving pieces that we do not feel match our standards. While our Solar Lights were beautiful and fun, they were not up to our quality standard and so we chose to archive them last year. 

Our Solar Lights were:

The Coneflower- inspired by the beauty of the coneflower, our solar light came in the colors pink and indigo. Their petals curled downwards, their lights illuminated any path they were set along.

The Daisy- With many small petals, our Daisy Solar Light brought springtime cheer to any yard they were placed in. They came in colors pink, teal, yellow, and bronze.

Daisy Solar Light

The Poppy- The Poppy Solar Light, with its large petals cast a cool light across the path it was along. The Poppy solar light came in colors blue, red, and bronze.

Poppy Solar Light
Halee Carroll

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