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Go Faux: How Artificial Plants Can Help You Achieve the Yard of Your Dreams

Let’s face it: landscaping is always hard. But landscaping in the desert is another level of difficulty. Worries go beyond just heat as you battle water restrictions, diseases, wildlife and surprise frosts. Replanting every year can become exhausting and a waste of time and money. It is time to go faux. 

Artificial or “faux” plants can have a bad reputation, but we have flipped the script on its head. Some common complaints about faux plants are their lack of realism, the expense, fading over time, and rusting. Desert Steel plants are proudly made in America, by hand, to guarantee their quality. Being in business for over 20 years, we can say with certainty that our pieces are built to last. We use a steel and patina that ensures no deterioration or fading–no matter the weather. 

When it comes to realism, we will let the pictures do the talking. We have heard so many times that people couldn’t believe that our pieces weren’t real. Our variegated patina color gives the pieces a depth and realism that a solid color could not provide and our artist has carefully studied desert plants to make sure our Desert Steel faux plants mimic the same curves and shapes. While other artificial plants may be easy to spot, we can guarantee that with Desert Steel, everyone will be asking your secret to such a healthy looking garden.

Another big hold up for folks with artificial plants can be the upfront cost. While this concern is understandable, when you look into the costs of Desert Steel’s real life counterparts you’ll see that the prices are either the same or sometimes Desert Steel is actually lower in cost. However, when looking at the big picture, that’s when you really can see that Desert Steel is the runaway winner in affordability. You will never have to replace our pieces, water our pieces, or worry about them being eaten by wildlife. Once you set a Desert Steel piece in your yard, you are set for a lifetime.

At the end of the day, real agaves and cacti are stunning, we are totally obsessed, but when traveling, heat, wildlife, and water restrictions make life difficult–Desert Steel has your back with reliable and easy landscaping options for you!

Halee Carroll

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