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How to Clean Artificial Plants

How to Clean Artificial Plants

While many artificial plants can be quite tedious to clean, this is one area where Desert Steel plants are able to truly stand apart. Being made of a weather resistant steel, our faux plants ensure easy and fast cleanings only. You can say goodbye to spending a weekend wiping off each leaf of your plants, we make it easy! 

Plastic or rubber artificial plants may require special soaps and cloths to clean each leaf individually, but Desert Steel artificial plants make cleaning simple. When any Desert Steel faux plant becomes dirty, all you have to do is take it outside and hose it down with water. This will remove any debris, cobwebs, dust, leaves, or otherwise. After watering your plant down, we recommend leaving it out in the sun to dry off the bits of water, but there is no need to towel dry your piece, let nature do its work! A little bit of water won’t damage your piece. 

If you find your faux plant has become sticky, simply take a dishtowel and some dish soap and water and scrub it down. However, because our plants are typically outdoors, they will often just have dust or dirt on them that are easily able to be cleaned with just a host or bucket of water! If for some reason you find that you need to really give your Desert Steel plant a deep clean, you are in luck! Our pieces easily come apart and reassemble. Simply take the leaves of the agave off the bolt after unscrewing the nut and washer. Wash it down and reassemble. 

Halee Carroll

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