Our Story

Art Sparked By Nature

When you can’t grow it, you make it!

Established in 2003 from the artistic talent of Eric Carroll and his father-in-law Richard Turner. When you live in Wichita, KS and want a palm tree or a cactus you only have one choice.

Welding a cactus

We know what it’s like to be frustrated when you can’t grow what you want where you want it. Or when it becomes impossible to keep something alive when nature fights you (like growing a saguaro cactus in Kansas). No rain, too much rain, no sun, too much sun, snow, ice and the list goes on.

Steel Palm Tree

Weary of wasting time, energy and money on landscaping that doesn’t survive, Desert Steel started as a hobby and a challenge to see if the beauty of nature could be replicated in a steel form. Could art be durable enough to last a lifetime in any climate yet natural enough no one would know it’s steel not real?

Original Saguaro

After a year of trying, Desert Steel was born with the original steel saguaro cactus. Eric and Richard took their original saguaro to an art show in 2003 and never looked back.

Saguaros in a landscape

Zero maintenance landscaping reimagined with a passion for nature and an incredible gift to make flat sheet steel come alive. Desert Steel has been reinventing outdoor spaces in every climate since that first art show in 2003.

Landscape with natural beauty and a certainty you won’t find anywhere else.

Beautiful landscaping made easy.

Art Sparked by Nature

Each piece is inspired by nature, artistically represented, and crafted from steel.

Sun icon
Guaranteed Success

Be certain every time. Beauty that never dies and lasts a lifetime.

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Refined and Realistic

Maintain the perfect landscape all the time. Is it real or steel, they will never know.


Quality Promise

Our pieces stand firm; rain, snow, wind and sun. The color may change slightly over the years but structurally it should last a lifetime.

If your piece does not hold up we'll work with you to make it right. That may mean replacing it, helping you get it repaired or something more creative to put a smile on your face.

We put certainty in the uncertainty of landscaping.