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Saguaro Torch FAQs

Trouble Fitting Arms on Cactus?

If the tabs do not align with slots, place hands inside on each side of the opening of the arm and pull outward to widen and align the tabs. Do not bend the tabs themselves.

Base Plate

Ensure piece is ALWAYS at or above ground level, especially pieces mounted to a concrete pad. Pad MUST be at or above ground level. DO NOT cover base plate with more than 1” of mulch or other ground covering. Ensure water does not pool around base of piece.

Does this Piece Require Maintenance?

It is normal for weld spots to turn a rust color. No maintenance, coatings, or other treatments needed.

What Goes in the Torch Canisters?

Use citronella torch fuel or other suitable torch fuel, such as lamp oil (not for use with propane). Unscrew flame guard & wick. Keep torch wick inserted in metal flame guard while filling. Never use gasoline, alcohol or solvents.

How to Light the Torch?

Allow wick to become completely saturated before lighting. To extend run time, check fuel level frequently to ensure wick stays saturated while burning. Make sure wick does not extend higher than 1.5” above canister.