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Sawtooth Agave

SKU: 402-000

Desert Steel's Metal Sawtooth Agave is a handcrafted piece of sculpted art. A durable alternative that captures the unique allure of the agave plant.


Choose Size:

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Large: 32”W x 26”H

Base plate: 9” x 9”


Small: 28"W x 25"H

Base plate: 9” x 9”

Materials & Construction

All-weather steel 

Variegated patina finish 

Never turns a rusted brown

Sun will not fade or peel finish

No maintenance

Made in Kansas

Shipping & Delivery

Free shipping

Ships via FedEx/UPS

Handmade just for you

Arrives in 5 to 7 days


Easy assembly

Numbered leaves stack, tighten with nut

Stakes included 

Mountable for extra security, optional

Fits any planter with a minimum 12"W opening

Looks best in planters 26" to 32"W

Planter not required


Easy on the Eyes

Variegated patina finish never turns a rusty brown. Be certain with your landscaping. No hassle, no water, no worry...EVER!

Art Sparked by Nature

Inspired by nature, artistically represented, and crafted from steel.

Guaranteed Success

Be certain every time. Beauty that never dies and lasts a lifetime.

Refined and Realistic

Maintain the perfect landscape all the time. Real or steel, they will never know.