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Sunset Palm

SKU: 202-200

Desert Steel's Metal Sunset Palm Tree is an artistic handcrafted sculpture that captures the tropical allure of a palm tree. Radiating serene sunset vibes in durable form.


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Choose Size:

10 ft. with 10 Fronds | 265 lbs

Canopy Width: 84"

Trunk Diameter: 12" | Trunk Height: 71"


12 ft. with 16 Fronds | 365 lbs

Canopy Width: 96"

Trunk Diameter: 15" | Trunk Height: 98"


14 ft. with 16 Fronds | 395 lbs

Canopy Width: 96"

Trunk Diameter: 15" | Trunk Height: 118"

Materials & Construction

All-weather steel

Palm Fronds: Variegated patina finish

Palm Trunk: Surface rusted finish

Will not corrode

Trunk made with corten steel

Trunk darkens slightly over time

Sun will not fade or peel finish

No maintenance

Built for high winds

Palm fronds replaceable if damaged


Spotlight Option: Low voltage (12V) LED

Transformer required, not included


Freestanding but for wind security must mount to a concrete pad, mounting hardware included.

Required Concrete Pad Dimensions:

Paradise Palms, 10' Sunset, and 12' Sunset: 30" x 30" x 10"D
(Base Plate: 24" x 24")

14' Sunset Palm Trees: 35" x 35" x 10"D 

(Base Plate: 30" x 30")


Note: Mounting to patio/pool deck is also acceptable. Hide the base plate with large rock (ex. river rock) for a natural look. DO NOT BURY or cover base plate with sand, pea gravel, or mulch that holds water.

Please read the Assembly Manual for further instructions

Shipping & Delivery

Flat Rate Shipping Cost:

10 ft. Palm $150

12 ft & Taller Palms: $300


Ships upright or laying down on a pallet

Palm fronds drop into head, no tools needed

Delivered to your driveway

Email sent at the time of shipment

Call given prior to delivery to schedule


Handmade just for you

Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery

Tropical oasis in any climate

Cool By The Pool

Made from Corten steel, an all-weather steel that maintains a rusty finish but never delaminates and falls apart like standard mild steel. Roofing material, shipping containers and more are made with the same steel.

Art Sparked by Nature

Inspired by nature, artistically represented, and crafted from steel.

Guaranteed Success

Be certain every time. Beauty that never dies and lasts a lifetime.

Refined and Realistic

Maintain the perfect landscape all the time. Real or steel, they will never know.