9 Sharkskin Agaves line a patio in long planters.

Existing Planters, No Problem

Use any planter to create waterless, hassle free landscape accents.

Image is important and this Arabian horse breeding center struggled with a constant flow of dead or sad looking plants. More than they could keep up with. They needed beauty year round without the maintenance manpower so they could focus on what they do best, breeding champion Arabian horses.

Our all-weather pieces fit this need perfectly. With a variety of existing planters they were able to find a piece to fit every planter dimension on campus revitalizing the space for their high end clientele.

Project Pieces:

Sharkskin Agave

Octopus Agave

Fishhook Barrel

Assortment of pieces in planters

Agaves and barrels are perfect centerpieces for low-maintenance planters.

Assortment of pieces in planters

Our pieces will compliment and enhance live landscaping.

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