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Watering A Cactus: How Often Should You Water?

Watering A Cactus: How Often Should You Water?

Cacti are known for being able to survive in desert climates, but does that mean that they don’t need any water? Well, it depends. Many people don’t realize that there are multiple factors that play into how much and how regularly your cactus will need water. Size and outside temperature of the plant are two of the biggest determiners of how often your cactus will need water. While cacti are known to thrive in desert climates, the increasing temperatures across the American Southwest over the last decade are making it very difficult for cacti to thrive, even in their natural environment. 

While typically cacti only need water every few weeks, extreme heatwaves can cause stress on cacti (especially large cacti) as the water which comprises these cacti is compressed. This is why we are seeing large saguaros collapse in Arizona. By watering the cacti on your property, especially in the evenings when it won’t immediately try up, you can help stave off the stress from the heat. Additionally, spraying down large saguaros can help cool them off which will help prevent collapse. 

So how much should you water and how often? The biggest tip we can give you is to pay attention to your soil. When the top 6 inches are completely dry, you can give your cactus a good watering, focusing on the ground. When you notice the heat coming off your cactus, you can give it a quick mist on the body of the plant to help cool it off.

Halee Carroll

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