Octopus Agave at entry monument

Neighborhood Entry Made Beautiful

Thirteen XL Octopus Agaves

The Lago Vista home development team approached us about helping them create an easy, no maintenance entry monument. Their numerous large stone planters would be a constant battle keeping anything alive.

After discussing a few options using custom digital renderings we supplied, the management team went with an XL Octopus Agave in each planter. This elegantly filled the space, maintained a natural look and would last for decades. No maintenance, no hassle and always beautiful.

Project Piece:

XL Octopus Agave 65”W x 44”H

Octopus Agaves line the entryway.

Large rock planters made growing real plants virtually impossible.

Octopus Agaves line the entryway.

These steel agaves can work in any planter.

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